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NOTE (May 2017): Thanks for checking in!  I no longer keep this blog up to date on a routine basis.  While I will occasionally write updates here, it is not regular.  I have switched all publications over to our new venture, Fuel Your Mission, focused on equipping individuals with tools to succeed in their careers and businesses.  Be sure to follow us over there to stay up to date!

Welcome! This website is dedicated to the new entrepreneur. Starting a business can be rough. Can be? It IS rough. Entrepreneurs are gluttons for punishment. Willfully putting themselves into unknown situations with unsettled environments, and uncertain results! The waves of self-pity, blood, sweat and tears, heartaches, failures, triumphs and successes are overwhelming.  The early steps of entrepreneurship are critical, but also liberating, and unbelievably rewarding!

Recently Entrepreneurial started as traditional blog, like the hundreds of thousands before it. While skimming an article takes a minute or two, watching a video makes more impact and you’re more likely to remember it. We’re launching the video blog soon, and we’ve got dozens of ideas for it going forward!

Where it all started

Hi, my name is Chris Johnson, and I quit my job. I quit, because I wanted more.

In late 2013, I found myself very unsettled. I was your stereotypical young professional. Hungry. Motivated. Driven. Energetic. EMPTY. I spent my first six post-college years grinding through corporate jobs, working hard, striving for that next promotion, and following the “right path”. I had won various awards for my hard work, and completed my MBA, hoping it would lend more opportunity. Yet in time, I found myself continuously searching for more. More responsibility. More challenges. More opportunity. More with my life!

To leave behind the security of a corporate desk job, with all of its comforts, was a crazy huge risk. Only it didn’t seem so to me. I was sure that spending the next 35 years sitting in an office sounded painful; a risk far worse than the former. So I quit.

Taking the leap

June 10th 2013, I was driving home after a ½ day at work, ending with my exit interview. I will never forget that commute. I can’t describe the feeling that day. What had I done! I just left a job with zero guaranteed income, and an idea in my head. No business plan. No huge savings account. No backup job. I was on my own, and it felt great!

The crazy first year

I was a freshly minted entrepreneur, and the excitement wore off less than a month into my new endeavor. What was I going do? Had I made the right choice? I had abandoned my initial idea for a number of different reasons, and had picked up a few consulting gigs here and there. But I stuck with it. I tried to learn and absorb as much as I could. I reached out to as many entrepreneurs as I could. One of these contacts ended up being a former college classmate of mine. We decided to go into business together and launched our startup in early 2014. What a first year it was!

Recent Addition (2017): The Years Following…

If I could go back and re-set expectations on myself I would.  Becoming an entrepreneur is difficult, as I knew it would be.  However, I think one false assumption I made was that hard work trumps all.  It doesn’t.  Finding success requires a test of patience like none other I have ever known.  I needed to learn to fail.  Learn to not achieve what I worked hard for.  A willingness to adapt and change.  I needed to expect the unexpected.  In the past 4 years (at the time of this writing), I once again entered back into full-time work to keep afloat financial, while grinding away in my spare time.  Each month I know I am closer to reaching those entrepreneurship goals, and each point of reflection reminds me of the progress made.  Starting a business is not a race, it’s a marathon.  I wish I knew that from the start, but I think that’s all part of the development process.

Looking ahead

Who knows what is in store for the future, but working hard daily on tasks, ideas, and visions that I’ve created has been so rewarding. It’s not been easy, and I would be lying to you if I said it was. It might not get easy soon, or ever! But, I’m learning, more and more each day. I would love to get that big win with our startup soon. I would love to see the company grow exceptionally well. I would love to start another company. Or five. I would love to give back my time and abilities to help struggling small businesses. Time will tell! In the meantime, I’m keeping my head down working hard and daily thankful for my decision to quit.

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